I see my people distracted with the things around them in the flesh, they fighting the flesh but their spirits are weak.

My people are not feeding their Spirit-man.  I am the source of their sustenance but yet they are not focused on ME their source.

This might be a physical battle but only those who are Spiritually strong will stand till the end.

Tell MY people to forget about fighting the system. Turn your focus on your Spirit-man, your garments are filthy before ME, your hearts are uncircumcised.

Stop stockpiling, Stop making your own plans, what is that going to help when you can not even hear MY voice among all the other voices.  Your state of being at this moment will not allow you to identify MY voice!

Good if you lose your source of income, good if you lose your family and friends – they not your source, they not your creator!

Now is the time to not lean on your own understanding, now is the time to draw near to ME, to clean your heart.

I want a people with a humble heart, a broken Spirit and a contrite heart – PS 34:18 / Ps 51:17

These people who say they serve ME, they give me lip service as their hearts are far from me.  They are filled with pride, arrogance, anger and hatred.

They speak evil of the leaders of the land they mock and curse the leaders of the land.  Who are you to curse and slander the leaders?

MY people are no different to the nations among who they live.

I have put you in these trials to test you to see if you going to stand firm, to try you and see what is in your hearts.  My heart breaks as I see a people far from ME.  I see a people who speak my words but walk differently.  They speak/profess MY word and yet speak slander, hatred and curses.

I see a people that look like the nations they live among.

MY people are not busy with MY work, with building the kingdom.  MY people are spending time on things that do not build-up and do not edify the body of Messiah.

I have raised up many people in many countries with the same message – a warning to purify yourselves to come out and be set apart and to draw near to ME!

Where are my set-apart people?

Where is my bride?


Apostle Cathy

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