14 February 2022

Jeremiah 18, Isaiah 53, and Isaiah 54:17

People’s hearts are evil!

My heart yearns for mankind to repent of their evil ways.

I see a lot of people claiming to love ME and to serve me, but their hearts are hardened and they are stiff-necked. People, or more specifically – believers, are so stiff-necked they do not want to hear the truth, they crucify the prophets I am sending to warn them just like their ancestors before they did.

My people, who are to be drawing into me, who are to be yearning for me are busy with pagan things, like valentines day. My people are yearning for the love of man more than yearning for ME.

Sadly many people today will feel rejected, alone and depressed, because of man-made holidays based on paganism, and they forget what gift of love I have already given them.

Isaiah 53 – I have given My Son to take all who accept MY love offering to be healed and saved.

But yet people still live in bondage because they do not understand!

People are still in bondage because they yearn NOT for ME, YeHoVaH, El’ Elyon!

Repent and return


Just as a Father who weeps over his rebellious child, so I weep over my people who are rebellious.

I am here, never far, waiting for my people to repent and return so that I do not have to bring evil on them. I YeHoVaH am here with arms wide open!

Repent and return!


Apostle Cathy

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