Jeremiah 2

Got Jeremiah 2 this morning and mediated and asked YHVH what I need to learn from it, this is the message that was impressed on me:

My heart aches for the believers who are staring themselves blind to the world around them, who are living life as if nothing is happening.  Believers need to be purifying themselves, people need to be cleansing themselves and preparing their hearts before ME.  Believers are to be drawing nearer and becoming sweet-smelling sacrifices before ME. Believers need to lay down their childish ways and start stepping into my covenant and becoming My Bride.

The called-out ones have become lukewarm and have started compromising.

Those handling the Torah do not know ME, Leaders don’t ask where is YHVH, Shepherds/Pastors transgress against ME and the Prophets are falsely prophesying, yet they all are insistent that they have not sinned are fine.

The very people I have called out for a time like this have become so lukewarm that I do not know who is going to be ready for the harvest!

My heart yearns for My Bride! But like the 10 virgins – who is going to be able to stand till the end and be ready for MY return?  Only a small amount, only those who can be like Noah, Daniel and Job!

Mishpacha – now is the time to ensure you are like the 5 wise virgins.


Apostle Cathy

3 December 2021

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