I think many believers are going through very difficult times and I am sure, like me, sometimes question if we are doing the right thing, especially when Abba is quiet in regards to His plan and purpose for our lives moving forward.

As many believers and unbelievers, we will be out of work by January 2022 due to not taking the “cure”.  Sometimes we feel alone, feel rejected as so many families, friends and believers have bent the knee and now turn their wrath and judgment on us.  I personally think many people are just the perfect sheeple and some now feel guilty and hate the fact that you are standing for something, which they were not strong enough or brave enough to do.

So in so many of my quiet times, I was asking the Father what He wants us to do, and where must we go, as we are foreigners in a country with no family or friends and no believers close by.  This is the message I got on 31 October 2021 and thought it might just encourage someone today:

Word Impressed on my from YHVH on 31 October 2021:

I am looking for a remnant, a Steadfast remnant.

I YHVH, do not speak in performances and loud voices, I talk in a soft small voice, in the cool of the day.

Why you ask in the cool of the day? I come when no one is expecting when only those truly seeking me will be looking and find me.

Be faithful in the small things before I guide you into the bigger things.

I will guide you one step at a time. Just like a movie is running its course so is the path you have to walk.  You do not know the climax or end of a movie at its beginning, so I don’t reveal the end to you when you are still at the beginning of the path you are on.

Find me in today, find My love, My Shalom in the moment, or you won’t make the end.

Be busy with my things don’t hide as the disciples did out of fear after my ascension. Don’t focus on your own life but focus on how you can walk each day to bring Me YHVH glory and praise.

So believers, you brave souls that are fighting the good fight, now is the time to cleave to YHVH! Remember when you are weak HE is strong. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for prayer or ministry.


Apostle Cathy

26 November 2021

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