Ezekiel 13 and 14 

Abba laid it on my heart in my quiet time today Ezekiel 13 and 14.

Ezekiel 13 is all about people prophesying falsely out of their own flesh when Abba had not spoken to them.

Eze 13:5 “You have not gone up into the breaches, nor do you build a wall for the house of Yisra’ĕl to stand in battle on the day of יהוה.

It warns about prophets who have not gone up to fill the gaps/broken walls, nor did these prophets build a wall for the house of Ysrael to stand in the battle on the day of YHVH.

How are these prophets meant to fill the gaps or build up the walls?

(Eze 13:10 KJV)  Because,H3282even becauseH3282they have seducedH2937(H853)my people,H5971saying,H559Peace;H7965andthere wasnoH369peace;H7965and oneH1931built upH1129a wall,H2434and, lo,H2009others daubedH2902it with untemperedH8602morter:

(Eze 13:10 The Scriptures 1998+)  “Because, yea because they have led My people astray, saying, ‘Peace!’ when there is no peace. And when one is building a wall, see, they are coating it with whitewash!

Whitewash or untempered in the Greek is”:

H8602תָּפֵל (tâphêl) taw-fale’

From an unused root meaning to smear; plaster (as gummy) or slime; (figuratively) frivolity: – foolish things, unsavoury, untempered.

So these prophets are prophesying and teaching foolish or unsavoury things! 

How many teachers and prophets today are not strengthening the body of believers but teaching ear-tickling whitewashed sermons? To build the walls around believers is to strengthen them with the word. You can see peoples strength by their walk, how they act, talk, speak if it all lines up with Torah. People are weak because they come into the faith as they are and are told that it is all about love, but never told how to live righteously! How can you enter the presence of a king, Queen or President not dressed correctly or with the correct protocol? Same with YeHoVaH you cannot enter into His presence or His kingdom if you are not clothed in Righteous garments or with the correct protocol, which is living and walking Torah and meeting our King on His appointed times and seasons.

A true prophet of YHVH will always point you back to the word (Genesis to Deuteronomy and Prophets) of YHVH and tell you to repent, our examples of prophets are in the bible like Joshua, Daniel, Jonah, Jeremiah and so many more.  None of the prophets in the bible ever prophesied prosperity or peace, all prophesied repentance and would tell the people to turn back to YHVH and change their ways to do the commandments of YHVH or suffer the consequences of their sins.

I see too many people calling themselves prophets more afraid of people than YHVH God. Or they will prophesy things contrary to the word of YHVH.

Or even scarier in vs 10 – Leaders are so scared to upset their followers/congregation that they whitewash them with a false PEACE – instead of preparing believers for the times we are in, warning them and getting physically and spiritually ready. Leaders, Shepherds and Prophets need to be building a wall of protection around the Sheep that YHVH has entrusted them with, to make the believers able to stand in confidence and righteousness in times of trouble.

Even Yeshua (Jesus) came to speak against man-made religion and traditions and would rebuke the religious leaders of that day. Yeshua did not show partiality due to status, rather he looked at the heart and ate and spoke to those with a humble heart, wanting to Teshuvah (repent) and then to SHEMA (hear and obey). 

Too many times our degrees or doctrines make us proud, which in turn makes us blind and deaf to the truth.

I think Ezekiel 13 and 14 hold vital keys to the times we are living in now.  If we are walking in righteousness, then we will have faith (Psalm 91).

My next study will be on Ezekiel 14 and how we can learn and draw from Noah, Daniel and Job and their lives as they are mentioned so many times in this chapter, that if they were alive only they would be the ones saved, as they were considered righteous before YHVH God, and their righteousness is what saved them.


Apostle Cathy

4 June 2020

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