Prov 28:26; 1 Kings 3:7-15; Jeremiah 17:9-10; Ezekiel 3; Judges 18-21

The Father has been impressing a message on me the last week – it started with Judges 18-21

I was confused by these chapters as to how it applies to me, but then with prayer, I got the following:

Just like the Israelites in Judges 18-21, so are the believers today.  They have Idols in their homes and hearts but want to judge others.  People are protecting evil-doers among themselves instead of living Torah by correcting or expelling the evil from among themselves because they are too scared to upset the apple cart. I AM a jealous  EL and being silent to evil among yourselves is agreeing to it and choosing man above ME, your creator. I will NOT tolerate this anymore, I need people to be like Phinehas and drive a spear through the evil that is happening before the congregation and their own eyes.  People’s hearts are evil, only if they seek ME, YHVH, and be like Solomon asking for wisdom and discernment, will man be able to live righteously and walk in my ways.  I want believers born of Water and Spirit so that their heart starts to yearn for things from above, spiritual things, not self-righteous and worldly things.

Even among the body of believers, today evil creeps in – idols, greed, lust.

You have “Priests” leaders of congregations overlooking evil and idols in the body to keep the peace, so they can keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables and stay “liked”, just until a better offer comes their way.

If you look in Judges 18 you can see how a man from the tribe of Ephrayim, named Mikah/Mikahu (who is like Yah) who made idols and got a Lewite to be a priest in his house for him and his mighty ones. The priest got paid 10 pieces of silver a year, suits of garments and food above that, this Lewite was doing what was wrong for the money.  This is an example of how Elders, Pastors, and Leaders of churches and congregations are today. 

Although when the tribe of Dan came through and made him a better offer the Lewite left with his “masters” mighty ones.

How many teachers, leaders, pastors, and shepherds are serving in a congregation that they know has doctrine contrary to YHVH’s word but stay because they are scared of losing their paycheck?

How many of us are compromising, for the sake of peace or another form of worldly comfort?  Does the word not say that YHVH is our provider if we trust in HIM we lack nothing?  Then why are we compromising our walk, or compromising being priests and kings for fear of losing a job, income, stability, family and/or friends?

Hospitality is very important to YHVH.  Here in Judges, you see an Ephrayamite named Mikah, who while traveling back home, didn’t go to other nations to seek refuge for the night, he chose to travel a little further to his own people knowing that they should show him hospitality.  This man was a wealthy man and only needed a safe place to sleep the night as he had food to take care of his and his servants’ and animals’ needs. No one in the town showed this man any hospitality, not until the end of the day when an Ephrayamite sojourner – living and working- in the Benjamite town Gibah showed him hospitality.

Then you see, just like in Sodom and Gomorrah, the men from the town came and asked for Mikah as they wanted to “know” him.

These people of the tribe of Benyamin were evil and they protected the evil among themselves, they would not give up the evil men to be judged and killed.  Later in the story, you see how Dan specifically came with all the tribes of Ysrael and judged Benyamin even though just a chapter earlier you saw how Dan had taken Mikah’s mighty-ones and had taken the Lewite priest that was serving in Mikah’s house.  How is it that they felt they could judge Benyamin while they had sins of their own worthy of judgment according to Torah?

Are we as believers so busy judging others that we forget to do introspection?

There is not enough time for us to be distracted and delay working on our relationship with YHVH.  We are in the time of testing, the time when the Wheat is separated from the chaff.  Is your bride’s garment ready? Do you have enough oil to carry you through the times we are heading into?

Mishpacha it is time to prepare!

Apostle Cathy 24 November 2021

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