When I spend time with Abba I many times come before Him with an open heart and expectation, but this day I came before Abba in tears because of things fellow believers have done in the body of Messiah and towards me and it pained me to see their deception and pride. Abba is opening my eyes more and more to man’s evil intent and the empty “acts” of believers and the contradiction between their words and deeds.

This is the message I had impressed on my heart.

Hannah, MY people disappoint me. You asked to have my heart, well your anger, frustration, and disappointment you are feeling is exactly how I feel.

I am tired of lip service and pretenses, I am revealing my heart to you and I am showing you people’s true colors, their double-mindedness.

These people say they serve me but their fruit shows otherwise. They do good works but it is all a show it is not from the heart it is not to glorify ME, it is not what I instructed.

Hannah do not be loyal to people! Remember I use people to bless you, but that does not mean you excuse their behavior and blatant breaking of my Torah.


Psalm 25 – Is the Psalm I got and I pray it and Zechariah 2 – the hope we have that despite the hatred and wicked acts towards me from fellow believers and non-believers alike that my hope is in Abba’s hands and HE is the fiery wall around me and as YHVH has promised me before, that I am the apple of His eye and so are all those who are truly Set-Apart to HIM.

Blessings Mishpacha

Apostle Cathy

1 July 2020

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