I was meditating on the word Abba had given me on the 4 June about Ezekiel 3 and 4 and this is what I received in my Spirit.

The world is heading into a period where many will be deceived and now more than ever.

People who are believers will be deceived because they were not serving me with their hearts.

Now is the time that the chaff and the wheat will be separated.

I, YeHoVaH, do not want lukewarm believers, I need warriors that will speak my word of repentance, even if it means losing all.

I am testing to see who is going to stand firm and be obedient even if people think you are crazy, even if you lose family and friends.  To have such a firm faith in my word and call and purpose in your life that you will be the last one standing like Noah.

I am looking for people like Daniel who was so strong in his faith, he had the boldness to stand apart from everyone else even if it cost him his life.  I, YeHoVaH, want dedication despite the pressures of this world. I want boldness and quiet dedication to do what is right even if it is opposing to the rulers of the lands decrees.

I, YeHoVaH, want a people a Set-Apart “Am Segulah” that will humble before me with broken and contrite hearts, but never curse me no matter how tough it gets.  I want believers that won’t give ear to so-called friends, family or fellow believers but firmly place their trust and faith in ME, knowing that I AM in control.

Habakkuk 2

So fellow believers it is time to stand firm in our faith and be true Bereans, testing everything we hear, dream, see or encounter to the word of YeHoVaH our Elohim.



7 June 2020

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