As believers we have to watch for witchcraft – yes that is right witchcraft is not just a few spells and done by witchdoctors, witches, warlocks etc.

Churches and believers alike are involved in Charismatic Witchcraft.  We were created in YHVH’s image by being able to create or destroy with the tongue.  Using scripture to do ‘warfare and pray against our enemies is dangerous and being used in the Third Wave Evangelical Movement as Spiritual warfare. (

In our marriages, men and especially women tend to start walking in witchcraft due to us not being able to bridle our tongues and bad-mouthing our spouses with friends.

Women, we are to be submissive under our husbands, as Men are to be the heads of the homes and unfortunately women tend to take over certain “headship roles when we feel that men are incompetent or not doing things the way we think they should be done.

When we disagree with our husbands (head of the house) we have to watch as the enemy uses our frustration, wounds, rejections, or disapproval to pull us into passive-aggressive witchcraft and satan is using us to be busy with guerrilla warfare.

Are you in the shadows hurling javelins of disapproval, slander, accusations, and gossip?

All while publicly, acting as though you’re in agreement and complying?

Be warned your passive-aggressive nature has birthed a critical spirit inside of you!!

Passive-aggressive behaviour is a way of quietly subverting something or someone in the shadows and behind the scenes.  How do you ask, is it done?

It is done through the following all the while portraying an attitude of cooperation:

  • Stubbornness,
  • Laziness
  • Misplacing things
  • Anger
  • Gossip
  • Manipulation
  • Slander, or
  • Procrastination

Men and Women of Yah we as believers need to start doing introspection and ensuring that we are bearing fruit worthy of Abba. How can we minister and give the Good News of the Gospel but constantly belittling our spouses or make jokes in front of others to the detriment of our spouses?


Apostle Cathy, 2020

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