On this day and during the course of the week before I got this word, I had come across people claiming to serve YHVH God, Christians and Hebrew roots alike but spewing hatred to Jewish people and saying that God has written Israel off and it is now there is a new spiritual Israel and anyone who is of Jewish descent is cursed. It pained me not only is this replacement theology taught by many a Christian Denomination but this is a Hebrew Roots sect cursing Gods People. I wept before Abba and this is the word I got.

Please Note: When Father Talks directly to me He addresses me as Hannah – I have quoted exactly as I heard the Message. Father gave me the name Hannah as He said that He has been gracious to me and shown me favour.

Isaiah 56-57

Hannah my heart aches at these “dogs” who call themselves teachers, prophets and believers and do not want to be grafted into MY People.

I, YeHoVaH, chose Israel as MY PEOPLE to be Priests and Kings to the whole world! Now, people, foreigners are claiming to be none-Hebrew or Israelite and think they are better than MY chosen people?! And the worst part is, Hannah, that they don’t even keep MY Covenantal laws!

Have I not said IF you love ME keep my commandments?

Have I the Creator of Heaven and Earth not set times to meet with My people?

Hannah, I will bless those who call on MY NAME and keep MY Sabbath.  I want a people Jew OR foreigner to be SET-APART, to become TRUE HEBREWS, to come before me with a broken spirit and humble heart!

Hannah, I have instructed you and others to intercede – the times are not going to get easier and you need to be in intercession to cover your family now more than ever.

The time is coming where the more you stand firm in truth the more people are going to come in opposition against you. But you and those I have called to intercede have been tested ad strengthened in this (Isaiah 59:15+16)

Believers it is time to become Set-Apart and stand strong, remember your fight is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities and powers (Eph 6:12).

So take up your sword (the word of YHVH) and start praying.

Remember to send through your prayer requests.


Apostle Cathy 

13 July 2020

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