Revival and Repentance

A time of great Revival is coming like never seen before, and believers need to start praying for revival and the empowering of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) on those walking in Truth. Ephesians 6:18 says - Praying earnestly at ALL TIMES, with ALL PRAYER and supplication (petition/request) in the Spirit, watching (be alert) in all perseverance (persistency) and supplication for all the set-apart ones. Are you ready to intercede for your family, community, town/city, state, and country?

Do Not forget YHVH

Believers we are to hear and obey the commands and promises of YHVH that He has spoken/commanded us. We are not to learn the customs or ways of life from those around us, that means no man-made traditions of how to serve YHVH either as they are lased with paganism. We are NOT to break down with confusion and fear because of the things happening, the signs, or evidence of evil. We are to be healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, raising the dead, and casting out demons!

Characteristics of those that will be saved…..

If we read Ezekiel 14 we see that YHVH says if Noah, Daniel, and Job were in the 4 evil judgments only they would be saved. So we need to get an understanding of Noah, Daniel, and Job’s characters to see what we can learn from them to be able to stand through the 4 evil judgments

7 November 2021 message for believers…

I received this message on 19 February 2020 and have been waiting to hear from YHVH God when to share it and feel now is the time..... "This world is falling apart, hatred is increasing and love for self is increasing. I YHVH am regretting and angered at humankind. Believers look more like the world … Continue reading 7 November 2021 message for believers…