Women need to be praying more….

We as women do not pray enough. I will be posting prayers here, that single women wanting YHVH fathers will for a partner, can pray, and we married women can pray over our husbands. Change the wording to suit your situation.

Single ladies if you are praying for the right man, YHVH has intended for you then make sure you come before Father and ask His Ruach to lead you to write a declaration to pray for your husband.

Latest Posts

Revival and Repentance

A time of great Revival is coming like never seen before, and believers need to start praying for revival and the empowering of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) on those walking in Truth. Ephesians 6:18 says – Praying earnestly at ALL TIMES, with ALL PRAYER and supplication (petition/request) in the Spirit, watching (be alert) in all…

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Heart of Man

The word says the heart is crooked above all, and desperately sick, but what does the word say is an acceptable heart before YHVH? Join me in this short teaching where we look at what YHVH says is an evil heart and what is a Kingdom heart.

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