Who are you going to SAVE first?
This scenario is a vital one to see where your heart is in your marriage. (I heard this scenario from a preacher who helped married couples and it changed my life)

So in life, we all have trials, but once you get married you have a whole new set of tests and trials and the foundation of having your marriage stand through the test of time is determining your core belief and finding out where your heart is at in your relationship.

You remember the first time you fell in love with your wife/husband and you at that moment knew and believed that you will never feel this way about anyone in your life again, then life happens, and that beautiful memory of your first love fades away. You have children, mortgages, work, finances, family expectations, and pressures. That is the waves in life that hit against our little boat.

If those pressures carry on long enough or one big event happens, like a life-threatening illness or death of a child, an event that can rip your marriage apart, that is when this scenario’s answer will show you if your marriage will stand the test.


Your spouse, that person you entered into a covenant with in front of YHVH God is the one that you owe your life to. You always go for your spouse first, together you are stronger to save the children. You can always make more children but you will always only have one husband/wife.

If your husband or wife is not above your children and circumstances then that means whatever is above your husband or wife is most likely taking the place above the Almighty too, and that is very dangerous.
Your husband or wife is an extension of you, so why do you want to take the chance of losing an extension of yourself – do you want to go through life without a limb?

I see too many marriages fall apart after the children leave the home, it is because the children took the place of their spouse, and the children became the priority. Parents, and unfortunately women are mostly guilty of this, live for their children and forget to love and cherish their spouse and to keep working on their marriage.
We do this with YHVH too, we get so busy with life that we lose our first love and stop working on our relationship with the Father.

We are only meant to enter into two covenants in our life – With YHVH God through Yeshua the Messiah and our Husband/Wife. You are not in covenant with your children, they are not yours – you have been entrusted with them by the Almighty for a time only!
But the problem today is that we enter into so many covenants (contracts) and exit or break them so often that we have lost the true understanding and significance of a covenant.

I truly hope this message makes a difference to someone’s marriage today.

Shalom, Apostle Cathy

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